Molonglo Adaptive Management Strategy

Open Lines prepared an Adaptive Management Strategy for the Molonglo urban strategic assessment.

Client: ACT Government

The project

Open Lines was asked by the ACT Government to prepare an Adaptive Management Strategy for the Molonglo urban area.

The Strategy was a key commitment arising out of the Molonglo EPBC Act strategic assessment and establishes the management framework for the next 30+ years.

What we did

We worked closely with the ACT Government to design a strategy that:

  • Establishes the ecological condition and value of matters of national environmental significance within the strategic assessment area
  • Identifies performance targets and objectives
  • Establishes a framework for management actions
  • Sets out the monitoring and evaluation requirements and processes
  • Provides for adaptive management and the revision of actions based on monitoring results

The Strategy was one of the first of its kind in relation to EPBC Act strategic assessments. We worked hard to develop a document that would remain relevant for 30+ years and that would ensure the key environmental values of the area would be protected.

The Adaptive Management Strategy was approved by the Commonwealth in 2013 and is currently being implemented.