Molonglo Urban Strategic Assessment

Peter managed the EPBC Act strategic assessment process for the Molonglo urban area in the ACT.

Client: ACT Planning and Land Authority

The project

Peter led the development of the EPBC Act strategic assessment for the Molonglo urban area in the ACT.

The project was one of the first of its kind in Australia and offered the ACT Government the opportunity to address conservation and development across a larger scale.

Peter worked for the ACT Planning and Land Authority throughout the life of the strategic assessment.

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What we did

The project involved:

  • Preparation of the NES Plan which establishes the ACT Government’s long term commitments to protect matters of national environmental significance
  • Preparation of the draft and supplementary strategic assessment reports
  • Facilitation of the public consultation period

The outcomes of the project provided a balance between development and conservation. And the impact assessment showed:

  • That the conservation outcomes were achievable within the context of a growing urban area
  • Where there was uncertainty, a set of contingency measures supported by robust monitoring and management could lead to positive outcomes

Importantly, detailed measures were defined for Box-Gum Woodland, Pink-tailed Worm Lizard, and the Superb Parrot which were key species in the Molonglo area.

The Molonglo NES Plan was endorsed and development actions were approved at the end of 2011.