Peter Hemphill

Peter founded Open Lines in 2010 after previous stints consulting and working for the Commonwealth Government. Peter is highly regarded for his work on large and complex EPBC strategic assessments around Australia.

He thinks that collaboration, a real understanding of issues, and clarity of communication are the keys to delivering successful projects.

His strengths include the ability to lead and manage the delivery of complex projects, helping clients use the right strategy, and delivering high quality written material that is well received by clients and regulators.

Projects that Peter has helped lead include:


Heather Tolley

Heather Tolley is a Director of Open Lines, and leads many of our environmental impact assessments under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

She sees the big picture, bringing strategic understanding of our clients’ needs, legislative and policy requirements, and good environmental outcomes to each project.

For our customers this means robust, practical, regulatory outcomes delivered on time and on budget for large and complex projects in sectors ranging from urban development to mining and infrastructure.

Projects that Heather has helped lead include:


John Horan

John joined the Open Lines team in 2015 after working in data management and crop science. He has exceptionally strong analytical skills and enjoys using data to gain insight into environmental assessment and management.

With a background in maths, John brings some serious rigour to our analysis of issues and development of solutions for clients. He also provides us with GIS mapping resources and is leading our software development projects.

Major projects that John has contributed to include:

  • The Strategic Assessment of the Perth and Peel Regions
  • Port of Abbot Point Master Planning
  • Information Management at the Port of Hay Point
  • Impact assessments for Edify Energy’s solar farms in Queensland


Tom Holden

Joining the team in May 2017, Tom brings a wealth of experience to Open Lines. He has worked across state government, NGOs, and the private sector in environmental impact assessment, policy development, law reform, and program implementation in New South Wales and Victoria.

Tom’s biggest input to Open Lines is his experience in implementation. With excellent communication skills and background on all sides of major environmental programs, Tom understands the difference between what looks great on paper and what works in the real world.

Tom helps Open Lines to bridge the gap between the view from the consultant’s office and the view from the ground. This takes our work beyond just ticking the box with a regulator to programs, plans and policies that deliver for our clients in the long term.

Tom is currently leading our work on the Priority Growth Areas Strategic Assessment in Western Sydney.


Kimberly Spragg

Kim joined Open Lines in December 2017, having recently graduated from B Science (Environmental Studies) at Sydney University where she developed an interest in environmental assessment, sustainability and conservation.

Prior to completing her degree, Kim spent time developing her professional workplace skills working as a German Paralegal translator for Clayton Utz and as an intern at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS.

At Open Lines she has contributed to projects such as:

  • Strategic assessment of Western Sydney Growth Areas (NSW Department of Planning and Environment)
  • Darlington Point referral of proposed action (Edify Energy)
  • LLS Regional MNES prioritisation tool