Services / Impact Assessments

We like impact assessment. That includes site-by-site assessments, cumulative assessments and landscape scale strategic assessments.

It’s our main focus and something we’ve worked really hard on to deliver good outcomes for our clients and the environment.

We provide insight from having worked in Government (as regulators and policy makers on impact assessment), and as consultants across dozens of projects and many of the industry sectors around Australia.

We specialise in project managing impact assessment processes and have experience across all aspects of the work (from scoping and planning, to preparing applications and assessment documentation, to dealing with approval conditions and post-approval requirements).

We provide:

  • An understanding of the business case of our clients and advice about how to deal with the key areas of risk
  • Scoping and planning expertise to establish processes that meet timeframes and budgets
  • Specialist knowledge in relation to Commonwealth requirements
  • Strategies to integrate Commonwealth and State processes
  • Preparation of assessment documentation
  • The ability to both project manage approval processes or work strategically with established teams of consultants

Case Studies

Abbot Point Cumulative Impact Assessment

Peter and Heather led the development of a Cumulative Impact Assessment for the Port of Abbot Point in north Queensland.

Case Studies

Impact assessments under the EPBC Act

We have worked on hundreds of projects involving Commonwealth impact assessment processes.