Services / Policy Work

Driving policy development around environmental issues can be incredibly rewarding and influential in how things are done in the long term.

We have a strong background in policy development - with some significant experience from working in the Commonwealth Environment Department as well as subsequent work helping shape and develop policy as consultants.

We understand different legislative frameworks, government processes and how policy is developed and implemented within these. We see real value in incorporating the input of recognised, external expertise and the importance of proper public consultation as part of the process. We have good ideas and approaches to managing these inputs.

We provide:

  • An understanding of environmental issues
  • Problem solving capacity
  • Consultation with stakeholders
  • The design and scoping of different options for moving forward

Case Studies

Exploring options to strategically assess mining in Queensland

Peter and Katie examined legislative and policy options for taking a strategic approach to mining and resource approvals in Queensland.

Case Studies

Guide to EPBC Act strategic assessments

Open Lines prepared a guide to undertaking strategic assessments under the EPBC Act for the Commonwealth Department of the Environment.

Case Studies

EPBC Act significant impact guidelines for migratory shorebirds

Peter and Heather led the development of the Draft significant impact guidelines for 36 migratory shorebird species (EPBC Act policy statement 3.21)