Services / Strategic Assessments

We've managed and worked on a number of the strategic assessments that have happened in Australia.

They are a great tool that genuinely offers the potential (if managed well) to deal with cumulative impacts and look for both development and conservation outcomes at a landscape scale.

Having developed the Commonwealth’s Guide to undertaking strategic assessments and managed and assisted with a number of these processes across Australia, our capacity in this area is second to none.

We provide:

  • Insight into the strategic assessment process
  • High level advice about how and when to engage in strategic assessments
  • Strategies to integrate Commonwealth and state processes
  • Understanding of the planning, policy, governance and implementation issues that need to be addressed through the process
  • Preparation of strategic assessment documentation
  • Assistance with the relationship with regulators and stakeholders
  • The ability to both project manage approval processes or work strategically with established teams of consultants

Case Studies

Exploring options to strategically assess mining in Queensland

Peter and Katie examined legislative and policy options for taking a strategic approach to mining and resource approvals in Queensland.

Case Studies

Western Sydney Growth Centres strategic assessment

Peter and Heather led the development of the EPBC Act strategic assessment for the Western Sydney Growth Centres.

Case Studies

Guide to EPBC Act strategic assessments

Open Lines prepared a guide to undertaking strategic assessments under the EPBC Act for the Commonwealth Department of the Environment.

Case Studies

Browse LNG Precinct strategic assessment

Open Lines provided expert advice to the WA Department of State Development on the Browse LNG Precinct strategic assessment.


Are strategic assessments a good idea?

Strategic assessments under the Commonwealth’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) have been running for several years now. What are they? What opportunities do they offer? What are the risks?

Case Studies

Molonglo Urban Strategic Assessment

Peter managed the EPBC Act strategic assessment process for the Molonglo urban area in the ACT.