Services / Strategy & Facilitation

Environmental impact assessment is often a long process with a set of complex factors influencing both the timing and direction of the work.

For example, changes in market conditions, scope of projects or staff involved in the assessment can have serious implications for how the work progresses.

Clear planning at the beginning of projects with reviews at regular stages is something that can have major benefits in terms of minimising timeframes, reducing cost and increasing the value of the environmental outcomes achieved.

We offer help defining the environmental approvals strategy for projects and have great experience in facilitating processes. Through the projects we work on, we develop strong links with regulators and understand the regulatory framework in which they operate. We bring this understanding together with the needs and objectives of our clients to deliver positive outcomes.

Case Studies

Management of dredging impacts in Australian ports

Open Lines has jointly delivered a number of port and dredging related projects with Adaptive Strategies Pty Ltd.

Case Studies

Molonglo Adaptive Management Strategy

Open Lines prepared an Adaptive Management Strategy for the Molonglo urban strategic assessment.

Case Studies

Ella Bay Resort EPBC Act approval

Open Lines provided strategy and facilitation for the EPBC Act approval process for Ella Bay Resort.